Okaya Smart Wave Smart Wave UPS QSW 1875 24V
Okaya Smart Wave Smart Wave UPS QSW 1875 24V

OKAYA Smart Wave-Smart Wave UPS QSW 1875 24V

₹ 7090.00 (Incl. of all taxes)

Experience uninterrupted power with the Okaya Home UPS Smart Wave Series, featuring the QSW 1875 24V model. This Quasi Sine Wave inverter is not just a power backup solution; it's a commitment to the longevity of your appliances.


1600 VA (Ah)


36 Months


Quasi Sine Wave
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Product Description

Elevate your home's power with the Okaya Home UPS Smart Wave Series - introducing the QSW 1875 24V model, designed to provide a reliable and intelligent power backup solution. This Quasi Sine Wave inverter ensures a longer life for your appliances, offering energy efficiency, super intelligent charging, and superior load handling. With advanced protections, and alarm indicators, the QSW 1875 24V is your trusted partner in uninterrupted home power with 36 month warranty. Choose the Okaya's Smart Wave UPS QSW 1875 24V for a reliable, energy-efficient, and intelligent power backup solution that cares for your appliances and provides peace of mind for your home.


Why Okaya loves your appliances?

  • Pure Wave Output: Quasi Sine Wave technology for a smooth power flow, enhancing the longevity of your appliances.
  • Energy Efficient: Specially designed 'EI' core of the transformer minimizes power loss, ensuring optimal energy efficiency.
  • Super Intelli Charge: Incorporates 'Forward Converter Topology' for optimum backup and enhanced battery life, providing intelligent charging.
  • Superior Load Handling: Engineered to run all types of loads, adapting to the diverse power needs of your home.
  • Technology: Quasi Sine Wave
  • VA: 1600VA
  • Volt: 24V
  • Warranty (months): 36
  • Dimensions (mm): 290 x 396 x 170
  • Display Indicator: Mains On, UPS On, Charging, Overload, Low Battery, Circuit Breaker, and Fault
  • Alarms: Low Battery, Overload, Short-Circuit, and Faults
  • Advanced Protections: Two-stage thermal protection, Short-Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Overload, and Battery Deep Discharge
  • Certifications: BIS Certified, ISO Certified, and CE Certified
  • Ideal Inverter Battery Capacity: 2 batteries (12V) of 100-260Ah

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