Okaya's Batteries at the forefront
of R&D Innovation

Innovation is at the core of our operations, and our dedicated R&D team plays a crucial role in driving continuous improvement.

We have a well-established R&D unit in New Delhi that consists of mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, chemists, product and tool designers, and data analysts.

Working collaboratively with our production, quality, sales, marketing, and service teams, they develop new products, enhance existing ones, and ensure our batteries meet the highest quality standards.

To stay at the forefront of battery technology advancements, we have established strategic partnerships with renowned institutions like FITT at IIT Delhi.

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Cutting-edge R&D equipment at Okaya

Our R&D labs are equipped with leading-edge equipment sourced from around the world, allowing our highly qualified professionals to conduct in-depth research, analysis, and testing.

Test conducted in R&D labs and during IQC /IPQC at plants:

  • Lead: Alloy composition, purity of lead
  • Grey oxide: Free lead, PbO2 content, apparent density, water absorption, acid absorption, sieve test
  • Red oxide: Apparent density, PbO2 content, sieve test
  • Sulfuric acid: Specific gravity, iron and chloride content
  • DM water: TDS, color, iron and chloride content
  • Barium sulfate: Apparent density, water-soluble salts, pH, iron ad chloride content, moisture, sieve test
  • Carbon black: Ash content, pH, moisture, acetone absorption
  • Lignin: Solubility in water, pH, moisture, ash content
  • Fibre: Dispersion, acid resistance, moisture
  • Epoxy resin: Density, viscosity, epoxy equivalent, amine value, gel time
  • Epoxy hardener: Density, viscosity, gel time
  • Silicone oil: Density, viscosity
  • MEK: Density
  • Sodium sulfate: Moisture, loss on drying, substances insoluble in water, pH
  • AGM: Thickness, GSM, wicking height, porosity, max. pore size, acid extractible, free iron and chloride, tensile strength
  • Safety valve: Acid resistance, opening/closing pressure
  • O-ring: Acid resistance
  • Rope handle: Handle strength, acid resistance
  • Thermocol: Dimensions, density
  • Fasteners: Acid resistance
  • Petroleum jelly: Solubility, odour, melting range, volatile matter
  • PE separator: Dimensions, back web thickness, porosity, iron and chloride, electrical resistance
  • BOPP tape: Thickness, adhesion test
  • CWLI: Acid resistance
  • Glass Mat: Dimensions, GSM, acid resistance, resin content
  • Gauntlet: Dimensions, tensile strength, electrical resistance, porosity, weight loss in sulfuric acid
  • Flame arrestor: Dimensions, permeability
  • Plastic parts: Dimensions, acid resistance
  • Packing box: Dimensions, GSM, Moisture content, compression strength, burst strength.
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