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  • Inverter Battery
  • Smf/vrla Batteries
  • E Rickshaw
  • Solar Batteries
  • Warranty Registration
Inverter Battery

Where can I buy an Okaya battery?

Why should I buy an Okaya Battery?

What is meant by battery capacity?

What is the warranty duration on my battery?

What is Pro-Rata warranty?

How do I know when to add water to my battery?

Can lead acid batteries be recycled?

Can I use a replacement manufactured by another company?

What might have caused my battery to fail?

I hear lots of talk about float and cycle applications. What is the difference?

What is deep battery cycle?

What is the shelf life of Okaya Battery?

I understand that batteries can be put together in series or parallel What does this mean?

How are batteries made?

How does a battery work?

How do batteries die?

How do I perform preventive maintenance?

How do install new batteries?

How do I periodically charge (or equalize) my battery?

How can I increase the life of my battery?

Smf/vrla Batteries

What is VRLA Technology and how does it work?

Can a sealed lead acid battery be installed on its side?

Do I need to add water to my battery?

What is a GEL Battery?

What is an AGM Battery?

What is the difference between a GEL cell and an AGM Battery?

If the battery is sealed and non-spillable, why does it need to be operated in a vented area?

What is OKAYA’s experience with AGM?

Why are there special charging guidelines for AGM?

Why does an AGM Battery have better vibration performance than a traditional flooded battery?

Why does an AGM cycle better than a traditional battery?

Why is an AGM Battery non spillable?

Why shouldn’t an AGM Battery be mounted upside down?

E Rickshaw

What is the capacity of E Rickshaw battery?

What is the difference between 100Ah at C5 and 100Ah at C20?

What is the average mileage per full charge of Okaya Battery?

Is Okaya E-Rickshaw battery approved by any government authority?

What is the warranty of Okaya E Rickshaw Battery?

Is there any recommended charger for Okaya E-Rickshaw Batteries?

How long does it take to charge Okaya E Rickshaw battery?

What are the advantages of Okaya E Rickshaw Battery?

I hear lots of talk about float and cycle applications. What is the difference?

Solar Batteries

How will a Solar Battery System save me money?

What if there Is a power failure in the electric grid or the grid goes down (blackout)?

How much maintenance is needed in Solar Batteries?

Are solar systems maintenance free?

What happens if I want to add a floor to my building or move to another site?

Do I need to contact my current energy provider?

Solar Batteries

What is the new initiative Registering Your Warranty at the Time of Complaint by OKAYA?

How does this initiative benefit customers?

How can I register my battery warranty at the time of complaint?

What information do I need to provide during the warranty registration at the time of complaint?

Will I receive confirmation of my warranty registration?

Do I need to do anything after registering my warranty at the time of complaint?

Will this initiative impact the way complaints are handled?

When will this initiative be effective?

How can I learn more about this initiative?