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Okaya's Home UPS – where innovation meets care to power and protect your home. Our Inverters are more than just power backups; they are a commitment to the well-being of your home appliances and the heartbeat of your household. With two exceptional series, the SMART WAVE and ULTRA PURE, Okaya ensures your home enjoys the right power for every need.

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Max. Load*

True Sine Wave &
Quasi Sine Wave

Okaya Solar Battery: Technical features

Why Okaya Loves Your Appliances?

  • Super Intelli Charge for Optimal Battery Performance: Smart processes like 'Float to Boost' and 'Boost to Float' enhance backup and extend battery service life, ensuring reliable power when you need it.
  • Pure Wave Output for Appliance Safety: True Sine Wave (TSW) and Quasi Sine Wave (QSW) technologies provide a smooth and uninterrupted current, ensuring appliance safety and extending its lifespan.
  • Specially Designed 'El' Core for Longevity: Our 'El' Core minimizes heat generation and reduces power loss, ensuring the longevity of the UPS and your appliances.
  • Superior Load* Handling for Unmatched Performance: Enjoy superior peak current handling, allowing your appliances to run seamlessly without any hassle.

*Appliance suitability depends on Inverter and Battery capacity.

Advanced Protection Features

Our Inverters come with advanced protection features for the safety and longevity of your system and home appliances:

  • Two Stage Thermal Protection: Prevents burnouts and safeguards the entire system, power devices, and transformers.
  • Short-Circuit Protection: Ensures a prompt response to short-circuit situations, safeguarding your inverter and connected appliances
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Acts as a fail-safe, preventing potential damage due to incorrect connections.
  • Overload Protection: Equipped to handle fluctuations in power demands, protecting your inverter and appliances.
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection:  Ensures your batteries are not excessively drained, promoting longevity and overall performance.
  • Audio & Display Indication for Monitoring: Intuitive indicators and alarms keep you informed about crucial states, empowering you to take timely actions for uninterrupted home harmony.
Okaya Solar Battery: XTRA features as a application

Home UPS Range

Discover the Okaya Home UPS – more than just power backup, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of your home. Experience the care for your home with the wide Home UPS range in two different technologies with distinct wave outputs.


The ULTRA PURE Series, based on True Sine Wave (TSW) technology, is engineered for running high-end home essentials such as refrigerators, motors, laptops, computers, ovens, and more. With the purest form of sine wave output, this series guarantees a clean and stable power supply, keeping your appliances running at their optimal best.

Available range from 925 VA to 1600 VA Inverters.

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Designed on Quasi Sine Wave (QSW) technology, the SMART WAVE Series caters to your home's basic load requirements. This refined alternative to square wave ensures appliance safety by reducing the annoying humming noise. Your appliances experience love, safeguarding their longevity and ensuring uninterrupted performance for your everyday essentials.

These UPS are available range from 600 VA to 1600 VA Inverters.

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Okaya's Home UPS range offers a diverse selection from 600 VA to 1600 VA across the SMART WAVE and ULTRA PURE Series. Our Inverters are a commitment to uninterrupted power backup and protection of your household essentials.

Okaya's POWER MAX UPS Series is not just a power solution; it's a strategic investment in the uninterrupted success of your commercial operations.Experience the products of high-capacity excellence.

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