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  • Inverter Battery
  • Smf/vrla Batteries
  • E Rickshaw
  • Solar Batteries
Inverter Battery

Where can I buy an Okaya battery?

Why should I buy an Okaya Battery?

What is meant by battery capacity?

What is the warranty duration on my battery?

What is Pro-Rata warranty?

How do I know when to add water to my battery?

Can lead acid batteries be recycled?

Can I use a replacement manufactured by another company?

What might have caused my battery to fail?

I hear lots of talk about float and cycle applications. What is the difference?

What is deep battery cycle?

What is the shelf life of Okaya Battery?

I understand that batteries can be put together in series or parallel What does this mean?

How are batteries made?

How does a battery work?

How do batteries die?

How do I perform preventive maintenance?

How do install new batteries?

How do I periodically charge (or equalize) my battery?

How can I increase the life of my battery?

Smf/vrla Batteries

What is VRLA Technology and how does it work?

Can a sealed lead acid battery be installed on its side?

Do I need to add water to my battery?

What is a GEL Battery?

What is an AGM Battery?

What is the difference between a GEL cell and an AGM Battery?

If the battery is sealed and non-spillable, why does it need to be operated in a vented area?

What is OKAYA’s experience with AGM?

Why are there special charging guidelines for AGM?

Why does an AGM Battery have better vibration performance than a traditional flooded battery?

Why does an AGM cycle better than a traditional battery?

Why is an AGM Battery non spillable?

Why shouldn’t an AGM Battery be mounted upside down?

E Rickshaw

What is the capacity of E Rickshaw battery?

What is the difference between 100Ah at C5 and 100Ah at C20?

What is the average mileage per full charge of Okaya Battery?

Is Okaya E-Rickshaw battery approved by any government authority?

What is the warranty of Okaya E Rickshaw Battery?

Is there any recommended charger for Okaya E-Rickshaw Batteries?

How long does it take to charge Okaya E Rickshaw battery?

What are the advantages of Okaya E Rickshaw Battery?

I hear lots of talk about float and cycle applications. What is the difference?

Solar Batteries

How will a Solar Battery System save me money?

What if there Is a power failure in the electric grid or the grid goes down (blackout)?

How much maintenance is needed in Solar Batteries?

Are solar systems maintenance free?

What happens if I want to add a floor to my building or move to another site?

Do I need to contact my current energy provider?