Creating Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

At Okaya, we're committed to innovative, sustainable solutions. Our expansion in manufacturing facilities, with three plants covering 16,93,990 sq. ft., ensure complete control over production and storage, delivering superior products. Our rigorous testing, involving 117 assessments, guarantees the highest quality batteries. With optimised warehousing and distribution networks, including two central warehouses (700,000 sq. ft.) and 31 regional facilities (1,57,435 sq. ft.), efficiency is paramount. Our skilled engineers and cutting-edge technology create exceptional products, while our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart. Choose Okaya for innovative, sustainable solutions and experience the difference of a leading industry brand.

Okaya Power: Innovative and sustainable solutions in manufacturing facilities

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The company has

  • 3 Manufacturing Plants spread over 16, 93,990 sq. ft. area
  • 2 Central Warehouses covering 700,000 sq. ft. of the area
  • 31 Regional Warehouses and Branch offices laid in, over an area of 1,57,435 sq. ft
Okaya Power : Quality standards and advanced machinery solutions

Advanced Machinery for Innovative Solutions

At Okaya, we believe in investing in cutting-edge technology and facilities to stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, ensuring that all our products meet international quality standards.

When it comes to machinery, we don't settle for anything less than the best. Each of our manufacturing plants is equipped with the latest and most advanced machines sourced from various countries worldwide. Our impressive list of machinery includes:

  • TBS
  • TMAC
  • HADI

Plant Locations

Okaya provide reliable and efficient energy storage options, enabling homeowners to reduce their reliance on the grid and save on electricity bills while supporting sustainable energy practices.

Okaya Manufacturing Capability- Geon International Plant

Plant 1

Himachal Pradesh, India

Okaya Manufacturing Capability- Sunnox International Plant

Plant 2

Himachal Pradesh, India

Okaya Manufacturing Capability- Fujikawa Plant

Plant 3

Himachal Pradesh, India


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