DigiPower Inverter Batteries

At Okaya, we redefine what it means to have a reliable power source. Our DigiPower Inverter Batteries set the standard for excellence, delivering unparalleled performance and endurance. Say goodbye to power worries and embrace the ultimate energy solution.

Our tubular inverter batteries, available in a wide range of capacities from 80Ah to 250Ah, boast a powerful and efficient design with cutting-edge tubular technology.

With a minimum warranty of 36 (18+18) months and some models featuring an impressive 60 (36+24) months warranty, we stand by our promise of long-lasting performance.

Okaya DigiPower Inverter Battery

Advanced tubular

Ultra Low


Built for
Long Life

Exclusive features of Okaya DigiPower Inverter Battery

Exclusive features

  • Longer Life Span: Durable and reliable, built to last.
  • Longer Backup Time: Extended power supply during outages.
  • Advanced Tubular Technology: High-pressure casting, low antimony lead for corrosion protection
  • Paperless Warranty: Convenient and efficient claim process.
  • All India Onsite Hassle-Free Service Network
  • Ceramic Water Level Indicator: Easy monitoring for efficient performance

Technical Features

  • Quick Recharge Formulation: Swift recovery during power outages
  • 30% Extra Electrolyte: Larger containers, less water topping
  • Latest PE Envelope Separator Technology: Daramic USA separators prevent shorting, enhance safety.
  • 99.98% Pure Lead: Highest-quality lead for longer battery life.
  • Advanced Grid Pasting Compound: Enables quick recharge in frequent outages.
  • Ceramic Water Level Management: Minimizes water loss, reduces topping needs.
  • Factory Charged Battery: Ready to power your world upon installation.
Technical features of DigiPower Inverter Battery
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