Okaya Solar Batteries

OKAYA Solar batteries are flooded tubular batteries with superior performance due to the judiciously developed alloy and paste system for its grids and spines, which enable these batteries to perform in a partial state of charge condition requiring ultra-low maintenance.

The high-pressure die casting of spines with low antimony alloy makes them achieve higher cycle life. In addition, these batteries have robust High pressure die casted terminals, which resist corrosion and result in lower power consumption.

Okaya International Solar Tubular Batteries



Ultra Low Maintenance


Okaya International Solar Battery: Technical Features

Technical Features

  • Designed cycle life at C10 discharge (at 27° C, 1.80 VPC )
  • Ultra low-maintenance due to low antimony content
  • Excellent Ampere-hour and Watt-hour efficiency
  • Ultra low-rate of self discharge
  • Designed to operate in partial state of charge condition
  • Very efficient in hybrid applications
  • Partial State Charge Condition
  • Water Level Indicators
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