Key Benefits of Choosing Okaya SMF Advanced VRLA Batteries

Key Benefits of Choosing Okaya SMF Advanced VRLA Batteries

Maintenance-Free Design for Ease of Use

Okaya's advanced Sealed maintenance-free (SMF) batteries liberate you from the regular upkeep required by traditional batteries. The fully sealed design of the VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries means that once installed, they require no additional maintenance, offering you a worry-free, long-term power solution.

Exceptional Reliability Across Various Applications

Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial needs, Okaya SMF/VRLA batteries deliver consistent and reliable performance. They are designed to power a wide range of inverters, ensuring that your critical devices and systems remain operational without interruption.

Cutting-edge technology for Superior Performance

Each Okaya battery benefits from the latest in battery technology and strict quality control measures. These batteries are engineered to excel in diverse environments, making them efficient and durable. With Okaya, you are investing in a power solution that goes beyond your expectations.

Versatility in Application

Okaya batteries are not just for inverters. Their robust design makes them ideal for various applications:

  1. Telecom communication equipment.
  2. Fire alarm and security systems
  3. Medical instruments
  4. Solar street lighting
  5. Computer backups
  6. Automated guided vehicles
  7. Lawn mowers

This versatility ensures that no matter your need, Okaya has a battery to power it.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

The range of features that Okaya SMF/VRLA batteries offer is a testament to their quality:

  1. Low-Pressure Venting System: Prevents excess buildup of gas, ensuring safety and longevity.
  2. Heavy-Duty Grids: Provide strength and stability for a longer service life.
  3. Low Self-Discharge Rate: Keeps the battery ready for use even after long periods of storage.
  4. Gas Recombination System: Minimizes gas emissions, promoting environmental safety and battery efficiency.
  5. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Assures reliable performance under various climatic conditions.
  6. Eco-Friendly Production: Manufactured in modern facilities with environmental responsibility in mind.

Specialized Construction for Durability and Safety

The construction of Okaya batteries is a marvel of modern engineering:

  1. Completely Sealed ABS Container: Eliminates leaks and spills.
  2. Maintenance-Free Operation: Allows for hassle-free use.
  3. AGM Technology: Ensures efficient operation and long life.
  4. Specially Designed Vent Valves: Regulate pressure and prevent damage.
  5. Tough ABS Containers: Offer durability against physical shocks.
  6. Imported Absorbent Glass Mat: Provides superior performance.
  7. Special Lead-Tin-Calcium Alloy: Enhances battery life and performance.

Choosing Okaya SMF/VRLA batteries

Opting for Okaya means selecting a power solution that brings peace of mind. With a commitment to innovation, environmental stewardship, and customer satisfaction, Okaya is powering a brighter, more reliable future. Make the switch to Okaya SMF/VRLA batteries today and experience the difference that comes with a top-tier power solution.

Okaya’s Wide Range of SMF Advanced VRLA Battery Series

Okaya provides an extensive selection of the Okaya SMF Advanced VRLA Battery series, each designed to meet distinct needs. Below is a summary of some prominent Okaya series, detailing their capacities and warranty offerings:

Model Name Capacity (Ah) V Warranty
OB 7.2-12 7.2 12 12 Months
OBS 7.5-12 7.5 12 12 Months
OB 18-12 18 12 24 Months
OB 26-12 26 12 24 Months
OB 28-12 28 12 24 Months
OB 42-12 42 12 24 Months
OB 45-12 45 12 24 Months
OB 65-12 65 12 24 Months
OB 70-12 70 12 24 Months
OB 75-12 75 12 24 Months
OB 100-12 100 12 24 Months
OB 120-12 120 12 24 Months
OB 150 -12 150 12 24 Months
OB 200-12 200 12 24 Months

Okaya Batteries: The Heartbeat of Your Power Systems

As Okaya continues its journey in the energy sector, its reputation is built on the pillars of innovative technology, customer-centric service, and outstanding product quality. These are the very attributes that make Okaya a strong contender for becoming India's No.1 SMF Battery. With every SMF VRLA battery they produce, Okaya is steadfast in its mission to meet the diverse needs of Indian consumers, providing a reliable and efficient power source. The brand's dedication to excellence is evident in the comprehensive range of batteries that are suitable for a multitude of applications. While the company strives for the pinnacle of recognition, it is the trust and satisfaction of consumers that truly signify Okaya's standing in the market. Take a closer look at Okaya's extensive lineup of power storage products to understand how they are consistently working towards being recognized as India's No.1 SMF Battery.

 Tailoring Power to Your Specific Needs with Okaya's SMF VRLA Battery Range

Okaya’s commitment to excellence is vividly demonstrated across its comprehensive range of SMF VRLA batteries. Catering to diverse energy requirements, Okaya offers a tailored power solution for every need, with batteries ranging from the compact 7.2 Ah for small-scale operations to the robust 200 Ah for extensive industrial demands. This extensive selection ensures that, whether you're looking to maintain critical medical instruments or power heavy-duty telecom equipment, there’s an Okaya battery configured for your specifications. Each battery in the lineup is engineered with the same attention to detail and quality, featuring advanced AGM technology for a long life cycle and reliable power delivery. By providing an array of capacities including 7.5Ah, 18Ah, 26Ah, 28Ah, 42Ah, 45Ah, 65Ah, 70Ah, 75Ah, 100Ah150Ah, and 200Ah, Okaya stands ready to empower your applications with precision and dependability. Choose the capacity that fits your requirements and join the multitude of satisfied customers who trust in Okaya, a brand aspiring to be India’s top SMF battery choice for every energy need.


1. What makes Okaya SMF Advanced VRLA Batteries a superior choice for power solutions?

Okaya SMF Advanced VRLA Batteries stand out due to their maintenance-free design, advanced technology for superior performance, and versatility in application. With features like a low-pressure venting system, heavy-duty grids, and a wide operating temperature range, they offer exceptional reliability and longevity across various applications, from residential to industrial needs.

2. Are Okaya SMF VRLA Batteries environmentally friendly?

Yes, Okaya SMF VRLA Batteries are manufactured with eco-friendliness in mind. The gas recombination system minimizes gas emissions, and the production process is designed to have a reduced environmental impact, reflecting Okaya's commitment to environmental responsibility.

3. How does the warranty work for Okaya SMF Advanced VRLA Batteries?

For SMF VRLA batteries, Okaya offers two warranties- 12 months and 24 months. Okaya SMF batteries of 7.2Ah and 18Ah capacity are offered in a 12-month warranty, whereas all other batteries of higher capacity carry a 24-month warranty. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, ensuring that customers can trust in the reliability and quality of their purchase. For specific warranty details, customers are encouraged to check the product specifications or contact Okaya directly for the most accurate information. 


In the landscape of power storage solutions, the importance of reliability, innovation, and versatility cannot be overstated. Okaya SMF Advanced VRLA Batteries emerge as the definitive choice for discerning users who prioritize these attributes. These batteries embody a synergy of maintenance-free convenience, robust performance, and environmental consciousness, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the diverse demands of modern energy needs. By choosing Okaya, you align yourself with India's leading SMF battery brand—a decision that guarantees peace of mind and a commitment to excellence. Embrace the future of energy with Okaya, where efficiency meets endurance, and every battery is a step towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.