World's First Certified Backup Hour

Okaya clearly states the initial actual backup time for its inverter battery tested as per Urban Metro Heavy Duty (UMHD) load cycle. Cutting edge technology with Xtra backup design, giving higher backup at different power loads. Hence, easy to choose right battery as per your need.

Okaya Power: Certified Backup Hour


  • OKAYA is transparently declaring Actual Back up time of OKAYA brand Inverter batteries on the packaging boxes and the conditions on which the declared back up is achieved.
  • The Backup time of new OKAYA Inverter batteries was determined as per our Standard test protocol Urban Metro Heavy Duty (UMHD) load cycle
  • All OKAYA Inverter batteries are tested and certified by NABL accredited lab.
Okaya Power: CBH Chart

Test Conditions

Setting the standards for Test conditions:

  • Constant current charging till TOC ≥15.5V
  • OCV: 12.50-12.70V
  • Specific Gravity: 1.25-1.26
  • Temperature: 27±2°C
  • Cut off voltage at the end of discharge: 10.5V


Important Considerations for Battery Performance and Backup:

  • Battery backup varies with ambient temperature, battery age, inverter used and State of Charge (SOC) conditions
  • Charging through inverters does not result in 100% SOC
  • Certified backup hour can be achieved after three Charge-discharge cycles on a new battery
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