Okaya’s Tubular Gel Batteries

OKAYA Tubular Gel batteries are designed and manufactured in sturdy ABS plastic containers and come in compact design. These batteries are spill-proof and maintenance-free. OKAYA Tubular Gel batteries have the least Internal Resistance amongst the competitors and have a high specific energy.

Gel preparation for OKAYA Tubular Gel batteries involves mixing fumed silica using high-speed Gel mixers. The Design life of these batteries is 15 years.

Okaya Tubular Gel batteries





Okaya Tubular Gel Battery: Technical Features

Technical Features

  • Heavy duty tubular construction
  • No stratification due to Gel Technology
  • Maintenance free operation (No water top up during service life)
  • Low pressure venting system
  • High-impact ABS container
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Gas recombination system
  • Low self discharge

Reliable & Efficient Battery Applications

  • Solar
  • UPS
  • Telecom Communication Equipment
  • Fire Alarm & Security Systems
  • Medical Instruments
  • Computer Backup
  • Wind Turbines (Pitch System)
  • Hybrid Power Systems
  • Navigational Aids.
Okaya Tubular Gel Applications
Okaya Tubular Gel Application: Technical Specifications
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