How to Safely Check Acid Levels: A Step-by-Step Guide with Okaya

How to Safely Check Acid Levels: A Step-by-Step Guide with Okaya

Monitoring the acid level in your inverter battery is a key step to ensure its health and longevity. While the procedure is simple, it's extremely important to prioritize safety. But did you know, that with Okaya batteries, frequent checks are reduced thanks to their advanced technology? Let's delve into how you can safely check acid levels and understand why Okaya stands out in the crowd.

Why Checking Acid Levels is Essential

The acid level in a lead-acid inverter battery significantly affects its performance. Fluctuations can occur due to aging or multiple charge-discharge cycles. Regular checks prevent potential damage and ensure your battery operates efficiently.

Safety First!

Before you begin, gear up! Ensure you:

·              Wear protective equipment like safety goggles and acid-resistant gloves.

·              Work in a well-ventilated area to quickly disperse any emitted gases.

·              Avoid smoking or open flames nearby since battery gases are flammable.

·              Keep a neutralizing agent (like a baking soda-water solution) ready to tackle any accidental spills.

Steps to Safely Check Acid/Water Levels

·         When the battery is installed, vent plugs are removed and CWLI (Ceramic Water Level Indicators) are fitted at the vent holes.

·         These CWLI have Red and Green markings on the transparent top tube, which remain outside the top cover.

·         When the electrolyte level is OK, i.e., water topping is not required, the electrolyte level shown at CWLI will be at Green mark.

·         When the electrolyte level falls, the level at CWLI is at Red mark, indicating the requirement of water topping.

·         If the level is low, refill with distilled water only, ensuring no overfilling occurs and tighten the indicators properly.


The Okaya Advantage

With Okaya batteries, you’re not just investing in a battery; you’re investing in quality assurance. They're a testament to excellence in quality management, adhering to international quality standards like ISO 9001:2015. Okaya’s commitment to quality can be seen in their meticulous quality checks that even extend to minor components.

Less Maintenance with Okaya

Owing to Okaya’s advanced technologies like XBD and CBH, users enjoy batteries that require less maintenance. Okaya batteries have been consistently at the forefront of R&D innovation. Their R&D labs, equipped with cutting-edge equipment, ensure each battery is tested extensively, assuring durability and optimal performance.


What sets Okaya batteries apart?

Robust Quality Assurance: With rigorous tests and checks throughout their manufacturing process, Okaya ensures that only top-notch products reach customers.

Innovation-Centric Approach: Okaya's dedicated R&D team focuses on enhancing existing products and developing new solutions, keeping them at the forefront of battery technology.

Proven Track Record: Okaya batteries play a pivotal role in various applications in India, showcasing their reliability and versatility.

Question 1. Why is it essential to regularly check the acid levels in my inverter battery?

Regularly checking the acid levels ensures the battery's health and optimal performance. Over time, acid levels can fluctuate due to factors like aging or the battery undergoing multiple charge-discharge cycles. Regular inspections help identify if the battery requires maintenance, ensuring it operates efficiently and prolongs its lifespan.

Question 2. What safety precautions should I take when checking the acid levels?

Answer:- Safety is paramount when dealing with inverter batteries. Before you begin, make sure to:

·         Wear protective gear, including safety goggles and acid-resistant gloves.

·         Work in a well-ventilated space to prevent the accumulation of harmful gases.

·         Ensure there are no open flames or smoking nearby, as the gases emitted can be flammable.

·         Always have a neutralizing solution, such as a mix of baking soda and water, on hand to address any accidental acid spills.

Question 3. Why might I consider choosing Okaya batteries over others?

Answer:- Okaya batteries are designed with advanced technologies, ensuring they require less frequent maintenance checks. They adhere to international quality standards, and their meticulous quality checks guarantee optimal performance and longevity. By investing in Okaya, you're not just getting a battery; you're ensuring a combination of quality, innovation, and reduced maintenance.


While regularly checking acid levels is vital for any lead-acid inverter battery, choosing Okaya batteries ensures a product designed with the most advanced technology that requires minimal maintenance. By taking simple precautions, you can safely maintain your battery's acid levels. However, by choosing Okaya, you're opting for durability, performance, and peace of mind. Always remember, quality and safety go hand-in-hand. Choose wisely!